Rock of Ages was born on Hollywood Boulevard in 2005 when its earliest incarnation played the infamous (and now boarded-up) rock venue, King King. From here, the show was developed through several short trial runs in venues throughout LA before opening up in NYC with a notorious, face-melting Off-Broadway production at New World Stages in October, 2008. New York was knocked back by this mischievous new rock n’ roll tribute to 1980’s LA, as rave reviews and ecstatic crowds propelled ROA to a Broadway opening in April of 2009. Just a few months later, we woke up (hungover) with 5 Tony Award Nominations (including Best Musical) and an invitation to perform at Radio City Music Hall during The Tony Awards Telecast on CBS. After 6 years on Broadway (2,350 hardrockin’ performances) we currently hold the title as the 29th Longest Running Show In Broadway History.

Rock of Ages has been a mind-blowing experience for everyone involved. We never imagined— from the earliest rehearsals on the sticky, beer-soaked floors of King King to the bright lights of The Tony’s— what an insane impact this show would have on everyone who’s had the opportunity to get near it. For 13 years, people from NYC to London to Tokyo to floating in International Waters have been rocked by ROA.

With a hilarious book by Chris D’Arienzo, masterful direction by Tony-Nominee Kristin Hanggi and sexy choreography by 2-time Tony-Nominee Kelly Devine (Come From Away, Rocky), the classic 80’s songs at the core of the show are brought to life for both those who lived them and a new generation who is experiencing them for the first time. This combination made the show not just a profitable venture, but one that struck a chord with the many audience members who came not only once, but multiple times. As our narrator Lonny Barnett says, “We’re gonna take you back to a simpler time... where if you had a dream, a fifth of Jack, and a decent amount of hair, there was nowhere else to be...” so it was an easy decision to bring the show back to its Hollywood roots. Rock of Ages Hollywood will be a unique immersive theatrical experience, complete with an exciting new Bar and a Restaurant set to open in 2019. Taking its cues from iconic LA rock venues like The Troubadour, The Whiskey and The Rainbow as well as NYC’s L’Amour, Irving Plaza and 54 Below, “The Bourbon Room” will feature six weekly performances of ROA in addition to other comedy and musical programming.

I have had the honor to Executive Produce “Chef’s Table” for Netflix (now in its 6th season) and the Award-Winning Documentary “Jiro Dreams Of Sushi”, so I understand that the dining experience is at the forefront of a spectacular evening. Craft Cocktails, Fine Wine and High-End Casual food will be a staple at The Bourbon Room. Above all, we want people to have an incredible, unforgettable night with the highest level of hospitality and performances unparalleled by any other venue on the West Coast. To quote POISON, we know our crowd ain’t looking for nothin’ but a good time… And it don’t get better than this.

Don’t Stop Believin’.

Matthew Weaver

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