Q: What days and times can I see Rock of Ages Hollywood?

A: Wednesday thru Sunday at 8pm and a Saturday matinee performance at 2pm.

Q: Where can I see Rock of Ages Hollywood?

A: At Hollywood's newest venue, The Bourbon Room, 6356 Hollywood Blvd, 2nd floor.

Q: What is the difference between the pricing of the tickets?

A: Seating in the venue is based upon the ticket price tier. All seats are General Admission, First Come, First Served (seated by a host/ess) within the ticket price tier. All seats are table seating. This is NOT your 'typical' theater show. All tables seat 4 people and a few tables in the front may be pushed together for parties of 8. For more info take a look at the layout on rockofageshollywood.com for tickets and you'll see how the seating works!

Q: Where can I order tickets?

A: Please follow the link from our website to ticketmaster.com, select the date and number of tickets you wish to purchase. Ticketmaster handles the transaction. We do not control their processing fees.

Q: Does my ticket include drinks?

A: No

Q: Does my ticket include dinner?

A: No

Q: What does my ticket include?

A: Access to the venue when doors open at 5pm. Table seating to enjoy dinner inside the theater, with a menu designed by Chef Todd English. Your ticket also includes an incredibly fun, lively good time!

Q: Am I going to be sitting with strangers?

A: We like to view others as potential new friends rather than strangers. The whole night will be an incredibly fun experience. Life is about living and having experiences. Since you're going to be singing your hearts out with the people around you, you may as well get to know each other. :) If you are a party of 2, then yes, you may be seated with 2 people that you don't know at the start of the evening. We do hope you'll have a nice chat, a cocktail toast and a rockin good time!

Q: What ages is this show appropriate for?

A: All performances are 18 and over including Saturday matinee at 2pm.

Q: Are all ages welcome?

A: All performances are 18 and over. Unfortunately, anyone under the age of 18 will not be admitted.

Q: Do you offer group discounts?

A: Yes, for groups of 6 (six) or more people, please contact Indigo Tickets.

Q: Do you offer discounts for students, military, AAA etc?

A: No

Q: Are there VIP packages like the Broadway show? What does the VIP package include?

A: Yes there are VIP packages. Please contact us here for more information.


Q: Do you offer discount tickets like Goldstar or Groupon?

A: This is Broadway in Hollywood! With 6 years on Broadway and 5 Tony Nominations, Rock of Ages is the best-reviewed- most-nominated-longest-running-hair-band musical of all time. Multiple Tony Award-Nominees from the original Broadway production are on the team bringing this very special, immersive performance to life on the West Coast. (we could name names here...or not). At this time, no we do not offer discounts through Goldstar, Groupon or others.

Q: I just want to sit at the bar, do I have to buy a ticket?

A: No. We look forward to seeing you at The Bourbon Room enjoying a drink overlooking Hollywood Blvd or sitting at the beautiful bar.



Q: Is dinner served?

A: Yes! Celebrity Chef Todd English has designed an amazing menu. We invite you to arrive early to enjoy dinner at your table. There's a full bar, too. During the performance there is a limited food menu and the drinks will be flowing all night. Stay for the afterparty at The Bourbon Room bar and lounge. Doors open at 5pm and dinner service begins at 5:30pm. The party shuts down at 2am.

Q: I won't be able to arrive until 7:30. Will I still be able to eat?

A: Yes. There will be a limited menu available during the show if you're working up an appetite singing with your new friends.

Q: Will drinks be served during the show?

A: If they aren't then we have a problem. Yes! Full bar service with drinks and shots flowing all night long. Order from your phone and you'll never miss a beat.

Q: Will you accommodate my special diet?

A: We will do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions whenever possible. Please note that our menu includes vegan and vegetarian options and many of our items are gluten-free.

Q: Where can I view the menu?

A: Inside The Bourbon Room. :)

Q: Are there any food/snacks at the Bourbon Room or just drinks?

A: The Bourbon Room encompasses both the theater and the bar / lounge area that you will enter on the 2nd floor. There is a full menu including cocktails, beer, wine, spirits and a selection of bourbons, of course.

Q: Is this a bar?

A: The Bourbon Room encompasses both the theater and a bar / lounge area on the 2nd floor.

Q: Are you hiring?

A: Not at this time. However, if you would like to reach out with the position of interest to you, please email us here



Q: Is it standing room only?

A: No. All seating will be at tables - 4 tops and banquettes, depending on ticket type. If you are a party of 2 you may sit with 2 people who will become your new BFF. ;)

Q: Are all ages welcome?

A: All performances are 18 and over.

Q: Is flash photography permitted?

A: No.

Q: How long is the show?

A: 2 hours and 10 minutes including a 15-minute intermission.

Q: I heard this show is "immersive." What does that mean?

A: Stay tuned for more details to be announced soon.

Q: Is someone going to pull me up on stage?

A: No. Not unless you throw your bra on stage first. ;)

Q: Are cell phones allowed?

A: Allowed? Encouraged! Well, sort of. Not really. Ok maybe. Only the camera part. You may take photos (without flash) during the show, post to your preferred social media channel and tag #Rockofageshollywood and #bourbonroomhollywood. Maybe we'll re-post. While we encourage a little paparazzi-like experience, we prefer that you take your phone conversations outside. Going Live on any platform is strictly prohibited and will have you removed from the venue immediately. No refunds. No questions. No dice.

Q: When can I see Rock of Ages Hollywood?

A: Rock of Ages Hollywood can be seen every day except Monday & Tuesday when the theater is dark (and available for private event rentals, btw). Performances are Wednesday thru Sunday at 8pm and 2pm on Saturdays for an afternoon matinee.

Q: Are there multiple shows in a day?

A: Only on Saturdays, a matinee at 2pm and an evening performance at 8pm.



Q: Are there discounts for students/military/AAA/Misc.?

A: No

Q: Is dinner included in the price of the ticket?

A: No. We invite you to join us for a full dinner menu designed by Chef Todd English. Doors open at 5pm and the show doesn't start until 8, so there is plenty of time for you to come hang out, have a cocktail before dinner, sit at your table and enjoy dinner, watch the show (food will be available during the performance, but not the full dinner menu) and drink during the show, too. The party continues over to bar/lounge area of The Bourbon Room until 2am.

Q: Can we come to the bar without attending the show?

A: YES, Absolutely - we invite you to enjoy The Bourbon Room, where there will be a full menu available as well as a late-night menu. The Bourbon Room is open until 2am.



Q: Is it the same cast for every performance?

A: Yes, unless otherwise noted that one cast member isn't performing and someone else has taken their place for that performance.

Q: Where can I learn more about the cast?

A: Please visit this page.

Q: Can I meet the cast after the show?

A: Short answer? Sometimes. We can't guarantee it but The Bourbon Room is their home and they like to hang. ;)

Q: How can I audition/join the cast?

A: Please send an email to our casting office here.

Q: How do I know if Frankie Grande will be performing? Does he perform in every show?

A: Frankie is playing the role of Franz. Franz is in every performance of Rock of Ages. Therefore it is likely that Frankie will be performing in every performance of Rock of Ages. If for some reason he cannot perform, another cast member (TBA) will be playing the role of Franz.



Q: Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

A: Yes, there is a service elevator for those who can not use the stairs.

Q: Do you offer special seating for those with disabilities?

A: Yes we do. 

Q: Is there an elevator?

A: Yes.

Q: How many flights of stairs are there?

A: One flight with a landing at the midway point.

Q: What is the seating capacity?

A: The theater at The Bourbon Room seats 250 people for each Rock of Ages Hollywood performance. The Bourbon Room bar and lounge area seats 50 people.

Q: What are your hours?

A: M - F 5pm - 2am / Sa - Su 12pm - 2am.

Q: Do I have to see the show if I want to have a drink at The Bourbon Room?

A: No, you do not need a ticket to hang out at The Bourbon Room. Everyone (over 18) is welcome from the moment we open doors! We are open Mon-Fri at 5pm and 12n on Saturday and Sunday. You may hang out in The Bourbon Room all of the day and all of the night, having a great time and never set foot in the theatre.



Q: What/When is live band karaoke?

A: Every Thursday night after every performance, you and your crew will be able to sing your favorite hits along with the Rock of Ages band! More info coming soon.

Q: What is Sunday Boozy Brunch?

A: Every Sunday we will host a themed brunch. More details to be announced ;)

Q: Is the Bourbon Room available to rent for private events?

A: Yes. Please contact us here.

Q: What is the Bourbon Room set up for?

A: Everything from live music to comedy to corporate meetings or conferences. If you need a place for a private party for a special celebration, our team will make your event come to life. Please contact us here.